Empowerment is our core value

At Ashley Snell Collection, empowerment is our core value. We strongly believe that empowered women, empower women!

Inclusive sizing and affordable prices

We are proud to offer inclusive sizing, designs and hand-picked fabrics at affordable prices. Clothing is meant to be comfortable, flattering to all shapes and sizes, and make you feel empowered and beautiful with every wear. All styles are custom-made, versatile, and can be matched for an effortless fit.

Morning to night and wherever you go

Inspired by Ashley’s coastal Southern California roots and current headquarters of Orlando, Florida, Ashley Snell Collection brings coastal cool loungewear mixed with bright tropical hues to her designs.

Ashley Snell established the brand in late 2019 after facing loss and trauma that empowered her to channel her energy into a brand that would make not only herself feel empowered, but the women in her life as well.

The main inspiration was the struggle...

It was the struggle to find quality clothing that would both hug her curves and last over time.

"I wanted to create a loungewear brand because that is what I like to wear outside of going to events. I live in sweats and I was tired of looking boxy because the cut was wrong. If you want something done right, most often you have to do it yourself.

So I started creating a collection for myself and when I shared with my friends I realized the pieces fit perfect on multiple body types..."

It was during this time...

"I really found my passion and I wanted to create a brand that supported all women, of all sizes.

The ability to make designs that can fit all body types, and no one has to feel discriminated based on size(shape) is my driving motivation.

Imagine a group of women shopping and no one has to be told 'oh I'm sorry, we don't carry your size.'

Above all the quality and comfort speaks for itself."

-Ashley Snell